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    About Junk Peddler

    I love all things old junk!  Junkin' pickin', thriftin' - whatever YOU call it - I LOVE IT!  I'm here to share with you my love for junk.  If you wish you could go out pickin, as much as I do, you are in the right place!  With our Facebook Live sales and online store, you can go pickin' from your own home!!

    As a child in small town Ohio, I loved to tag along with my Granny and Grandpa to auctions each weekend in the summer and fall.  There was always a buzz in the air as we scanned the tables and barns for the perfect items to add to our collections.  The butterflies began to flutter in my stomach as we got our number and the auctioneer stepped up onto his perch and started to call the auction.  As we waited for our perfect items to hit the auction block, a visit to the food truck for some hot chocolate, coffee, and a donut was our tradition.  We would watch intently as he neared our selected treasures.  I would be on pins and needles as we raised our number to bid on our special items; the bids going back and forth.  The thrill as the auctioneer called 'SOLD' followed by our number would bubble up within!  Hooray!!  We would load up our bounty and away we would go.  I get that same thrill today as I go junkin', pickin', and thriftin'!

    I'm so thrilled you are here, and I hope you feel that same excitement and joy during our sales.  Welcome to the Junk Peddler community!


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